Brand concept

The culture of woodworking has deep roots in Japan. Over time, this has given birth to a wide range of versatile wooden tools and utensils. The aim of kisai is to breathe new life into these tools, while tailoring them to the modern day. By allowing wood to evolve into household tools that offer numerous benefits to our modern lifestyle, we hope to contribute to the creation of a truly sustainable society alongside the never-ending cycle of nature.
All our products are painstakingly crafted, piece by piece, here in the ancient capital of Nara.

kisai 木彩

A life surrounding by wood

About Nara Prefecture and its wood

Hinoki or Japanese cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa) is a tree native to Japan. Nara Prefecture is the center of hinoki timber production in Japan, with a history of forestry reaching back over 500 years. Hinoki wood from Nara is known for its solid, narrow growth rings; its grains are straight and exceptionally beautiful. The surface of hinoki wood features a subtle, understated pink hue that stands in contrast against a white base that suggests cleanliness and luxury. We produce a wide range of products manufactured using carefully selected Japanese wood, including hinoki, for the enjoyment of customers around the world.