Privacy Policy Notice

Daiwa Sangyo Co., Ltd, hereafter referred to as “the company” or “we,” designs, manufactures, and sells wooden products using domestic timber from Japan.

The website introduces the business of our brand, "kisai." The privacy policy notice explains how we process personal data we collect from our customers and vendors through the business. We also make sure our employees fully recognise the importance of protecting personal data and abiding by the rules set by the company. Through such, we perform the safe management of personal data.

Processing of your personal data

We always keep the personal data we collect from our customers accurately and up-to-date. To safeguard them from unauthorised access, loss, damage, tampering and leaking, necessary safety steps are taken such as maintaining our security system, developing the management system, and providing complete employee training to control the personal data.
You have the right to erasure; therefore, upon receiving a request from you, we will erase your personal data.

The purpose of collecting your personal data

On this website, we request our customers register their personal data, such as their company name, the name of a contact person, mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address when making an inquiry. This personal data will only be used for our business, and shall not be used for any other purpose.
The personal data we collect from our customers will be used to send our company information or to reply for inquires using e-mails and postal service.

Disclosure and provision of personal data to the third parties

We will manage the customers’ personal data in an appropriate fashion and will not disclose them to the third parties other than the following cases.

Disclosure of personal data

When there is a request from our customers to notify their personal data for their reference/correction/addition/erasure, or for the suspension of the personal data use, erasing, provision of the personal data to the third party, we will address the request upon confirming your identity.


We may make changes in our privacy policy notice and disclosure procedures to correspond to the changes in rules and ordinances as well as to improve our measures for protecting personal data. The renewed privacy policy notice shall come into effect when it is posted on our company website unless otherwise specified.

Inquiries or questions on personal data protection

Should you have any inquiries or questions concerning our personal data management, please send an e-mail to the following.

Personal data protection representative: Masatomo Nakanishi (